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Rural Telephony TRAI has got it right, finally!

By Payal Malik (Senior Researcher, LIRNEasia)
The Indian Express: Op-Ed
October 31, 2005

TRAI has recently come out with its recommendations on Growth of Telecom services in Rural India ( It is an insightful attempt to address the anomalies of the current universal service obligation (USO) regime for the provision of rural telephone subsidy. In this article I describe the main lacunae of the current USO policy and outline how TRAI’s proposals ameliorate these flaws; the interested reader is directed to an independent research study that reviewed the current rural telephony subsidy mechanism. (read more…)

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    i am interested in rural telephone system, and i would like to have information on your rural telephone sytem…particularly the provision of cheap telephone services for the rural population…

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    Hi Kofo,

    Are you Deola Ogunbawo’s husband. If you are please her to e-mail at I have been trying to reach her.

    Banwo Ogwu


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