Dialog narrows digital gap with HSPA

Posted by on October 13, 2008  /  1 Comments

Dialog Mobile has proven that broadband has a massive potential in under-penetrated markets. HSPA has all of the necessary qualities – the ability to utilise existing infrastructure, low cost devices, high throughput – making broadband commercially viable even among the poorest people.

But it’s not simply a matter of technology deployment, as Dialog has discovered. Charging models and the service wrap are important however operators have to create the demand by supporting entrepreneurs and content developers to ensure that people that have not used computers before want to return time and again. Get it right, and profits can be made even among the smallest markets. Download the case study.

1 Comment

  1. HSPA, the undisputed choice for mobile broadband

    HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) delivers mobile-broadband speeds in excess of 500 kilobits per second and up to several megabits per second. There are currently about 5 million HSPA subscribers worldwide, according to UMTS Forum, a 3G advocate.