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Monthly Archives: July, 2009

LIRNEasia, with help from RIA, responds to Bangladesh public consultation on SMP

Bangladesh is currently conducting a public consultation on proposed Significant Market Power regulation.  The recommendations made by an ITU consultant proposes Significant Market Power (SMP) regulation.   This is not something many regulators in our region have focused on, at least not recently (though very light flavors of SMP determinations can be found in some countries […]

Mission Statement of Sri Lanka’s Pornographic Monitoring Committee: “STRAIGHT OR GAY, WE WATCH THEM ALL!”


Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, which, now also regulates pornographic content, today created telecom regulatory history by appointing perhaps the world’s first Pornographic Monitoring Committee. While congratulating the newly appointed Chairman and his proud family (“Amma, you are never going to believe this! Hubby is now getting paid for watching nude girls”) we, in […]

Multiple Number Possession, a new meaning for MNP from Voice & Data

A story that extensively draws on LIRNEasia research by Voice and Data has coined a new and probably more appropriate term for MNP: not mobile number portability but multiple number possession. MNP seems to be another case of applying Western regulatory instruments without looking at the actual context and needs. In the interview, I said […]

Corroboration for Teleuse@BOP results

This was not a representative sample survey like Teleuse @ BOP, but still it was conducted in a remote village in the Polonnaruwa district in Sri Lanka as part of a community communication effort. The numbers they came up with were much higher than ours. We also spoke about the advantages of using mobile phones […]

Sri Lanka to ban mobile phone use by teachers too

“I am the teacher; you are the student; but still we are in the same class” (guruthumee mama, sisuviyayi numba; eath api eka panthiye) This line from the popular Sinhala song ‘Saroja’ (sung by the wife of a powerful minister of the current regime) tells it all. First it was for students, but now the […]

Colloquium: Telecommunication regulation in M-banking

This colloquium was conducted by Erwin Alampay. E-Banking refers provision of retail and small value banking products and services through electronic channels. This includes deposit taking, lending, account management, the provision of financial advise, electronic bill payment and the provision of other electronic payment products and services such as electronic money. = M-banking: financial services delivered via mobile […]

Recession in North, but emerging Asia is expanding – The Economist


  Anybody could have guessed this. It is unimaginable that entire world will go through a recession simultaneously. Not everyone can be losers for too long. There should be winners somewhere. For example, what would the US firms that find their human resources costs, logically do? They outsource to Bangalore. So the BPO industry in […]

Wireless eats wireline: Sri Lanka joins the club

Both India and Pakistan had negative growth in fixed wireline 2003-2008: -3.5 for India and -0.4 for Pakistan.   Sri Lanka has too, but this is masked by the rapid growth of CDMA, which in this country is called fixed.

Skype may have to play Russian Roulette

Russia’s most powerful business lobby has moved to clamp down on Skype and its peers this week, telling lawmakers that the Internet phone services are a threat to Russian businesses and to national security. The lobby (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs or RUIE) says that 40% of calls could be made through VoIP services by […]

Aileen Aguero’s research makes it to Peruvian press

Research on Peruvian demand for telecom services by Aileen Aguero, a researcher from DIRSI, who is current working at LIRNEasia for six months, has made it to the leading newspaper in Peru. The article, which documents the introduction of bundled services by telecom companies, uses Aileen’s research on the demand for telecom services in Peru […]

ITU and LIRNEasia to host household-survey training course in Bangkok

LIRNEasia and the International Telecommunications Union are organizing a 5 day training course on “Measuring ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals” in Bangkok, Thailand from 19 – 23 October 2009. The local host of the meeting is the Ministry of Information Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Thailand. The training targets staff […]

Telecoms to be the most resilient sector in South Asia and Middle East

South Asian and Middle Eastern telecoms sector has shown resilience not only in the revenue generated by operators but also in their spending capacity. According to a recent study of Frost & Sullivan, the sector will see investments in developing markets like India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh as well as in mature markets like the […]

BTRC takes note of discrepancy between retail vs wholesale broadband prices

In April 2009, we reported that even though leased line prices in Bangladesh had declined by 74% in 6 months, the retail price paid by consumers had not changed. This was based on the broadband benchmarking data LIRNEasia publishes every 6 months. We are thankful that the Bangladesh regulator (BTRC) has taken note of our […]

Do not text and drive

The obvious has been confirmed by science. It is not possible to text and drive at the same time (or text, drive and not kill other people and/or yourself at the same time) The first study of drivers texting inside their vehicles shows that the risk sharply exceeds previous estimates based on laboratory research — […]

On Her Majesty’s (Fraudband) Service

British broadband customers subscribe high-speed connections but they get low-speed service instead. The media and telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, examined the most popular broadband product advertised as offering speeds of “up to” 8 megabits per second and used by 57% of homes. Its report says, on average, users are getting speeds of just 3.9Mb. That means a […]


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