Tim Kelly Of World Bank On Bottom Of Pyramid

Posted by on December 11, 2009  /  0 Comments

I want to talk about not the demand side so much as the supply side. How we’re going to reach BOP users, and how much it will cost, and whether private sector can do this.

If you look at the side, you can see that more than 3/4 of mobile users are from developing countries. Some developing countries are beginning to leapfrog OECD counterparts.

The level of economic development is not necessarily a good predictor of how a country will do. In many ways, the traditional relationship between economic wealth and this indicator is weak.

Reaching the BOP users effectively means extending mobile coverage and improving affordability. What we found was that fairly moderate investments could reach most subscribers. There is a relationship between GDP and percentage of covering. As people spend more it’s easier to cover them.

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