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Monthly Archives: April, 2010

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: We are inviting Proposals from potential Bidders to conduct a qualitative study on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Click here for more information. Deadline for submissions: 09 April 2018.

Chinese Internet

“Press control has really moved to the center of the agenda,” said David Bandurski, an analyst at the China Media Project of the University of Hong Kong. “The Internet is the decisive factor there. It’s the medium that is changing the game in press control, and the party leaders know this.” Today, China censors everything […]

Sri Lanka’s telecom sector to be a smaller part of overall FDI flows

Part of what Boards of Investment do is spin. According to the Chairman of the Sri Lanka BOI, telecom and power sector contributions will go down because tourism investments will increase, not because they are going down in absolute terms. “In the past telecoms and power sector contributed around 60 percent of FDI, while 40 […]

Colloquium: An efficient bus-ticket system for Sri Lanka: Possibilities for a Mobile2.0 solution

The colloquium was conducted by Harsha de Silva, PhD. Harsha began by explaining that the paper focus both on trains and buses, but in this colloquium will focus on the Bus transport. 75% of passenger transport is via public transport and of that 93% by bus and 7% by train. Roughly 5500 SLCTB and 18000 […]

Net neutrality blocked by US courts

We have been following the emotionally loaded net neutrality debate for some time with some detachment. Our research clearly shows that low prices are critical if the BOP is to join the Internet economy and that low prices are not sustainable without the adaptation of the budget telecom network model to broadband supply. One of […]

Colloquium: Awareness and use of m-remittance services: is there potential at the BOP?

The colloquium was conducted by Nirmali Sivapragasam. The colloquium began by that the paper is based on the T@BOP data set. The Research questions are: How aware are low-income Asian migrant workers of m-remittance services ? What socio-economic characteristics determine a migrant worker’s level of awareness? What are possible demand-side and supply-side barriers to greater […]

Colloquium: Leveraging Mobile 2.0 for Agricultural Market Access in India

This colloquium was presented by Sriganesh Lokanathan, LIRNEasia. Objective: to find out how Mobile 2.0 services are and can be used in the agricultural market. Mobile 2.0 services are defined as services for more-than-voice, can include both one-way and two-way information. Agricultural sector in Asia: Share of GDP is quite high even in 2009 12.8% […]

Bangladesh sharpens axe to behead the regulator

The cabinet has decided to seize the regulatory functions from BTRC and give it back to the telecoms ministry in Bangladesh. Therefore, the politicians and civil servants will again assign licenses and spectrum. Even worse – they will approve the tariff and services. Welcome to the Stone Age. BTRC was born with a reasonable degree […]

Colloquium: The Willingness to Pay for Mobile Telephony Services Among Low Income Households in Six Countries of Asia

This colloquium was presented by Sangamitra Ramachander, PhD student, Oxford university. This is an early draft, and the paper may change significantly. This is based on findings from the Teleuse@BOP3 project. The context is that in a variety of sectors, private sector do not have prior experience in serving low income and rural markets; however, […]

Wanted: A terminator to terminate the termination cost

The UK regulator, Ofcom, has proposed cuts in interconnection fees (also known as mobile termination rates), the wholesale charges that operators make to connect calls to each others’ networks. It has unveiled plans to cut the rate in stages from 4.3 pence ($0.065) per minute to 0.005 pence per minute by 2015. “As rates fall and […]


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