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Monthly Archives: June, 2010

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: We are inviting Proposals from potential Bidders to conduct a qualitative study on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Click here for more information. Deadline for submissions: 09 April 2018.

Good News for Sri Lanka’s mobile content providers: Etisalat to adopt ‘App-Store’ model

LIRNEasia’s advertisements last week, while highlighting the limited usage of Mobile 2.0 services by ‘low income’ users, suggested steps to be taken by regulators/policy makers and operators to make Mobile 2.0 galore. . We think this is the right time for Emerging Asian mobile operators to adopt what we call an Mobile Application Store or […]

Teleuse@BOP2 article published in New Media and Society

Who’s got the phone? Gender and the use of the telephone at the bottom of the pyramid Ayesha Zainudeen, Tahani Iqbal and Rohan Samarajiva Many studies conclude that a significant gender divide in access to the telephone exists, particularly in developing countries. Furthermore, women are also said to use telephones in a different manner from […]

Pakistan vs. India: Spectrum Allocation

Spectrum allocation and pricing in Pakistan and India have differed considerably, one following market-based price discovery mechanisms through auctions, and the other, arbitrary pricing. Two articles, one by Mr. Muhammad Aslam Hayat, a regulatory consultant at Grameenphone, Bangladesh, and the other, by Payal Malik, LIRNEasia Senior Research Fellow, examines the past and present spectrum policy in […]

Myanmar expands GSM coverage

­Myanmar’s telecommunication authorities are planning to expand GSM coverage to the border areas next to its Southeast neighbours, aimed at providing better GSM phone line services to link the region, Cellular News reported quoting the local Myanmar Newsweek. The pilot project to link Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore as well as China is underway. Meanwhile, the authorities […]

Anymore Wimax? Anybody, anywhere?

Two years back Frost & Sullivan predicted the abysmal future of WiMax. And it has been absolutely right all the way. China has never granted visa to WiMax while the Chinese vendors have been happily exporting the hardware. Deng Xiaoping’s disciples have also pioneered TD-LTE, a civilized alternative of WiMax. It has been consistently writing the […]

Sri Lanka’s reaction to tsunami alert following Nicobar quake: Were we right?

Was Sri Lanka’s reaction to tsunami alert today early morning effective enough? Did we observe the dos and don’ts? We do not jump to conclusions. The information is inadequate and contradictory at times. We will try reconstructing from what we heard, from mass media and other sources. Please feel free to add your own story […]

Ingredients of M-PESA success

Much has been written about Kenya’s m-money system. Here the Economist highlights a Gates Foundation paper that highlights an aspect that has not been much written about, the need to balance e money and real money in the hands of the retailers. There are many elements to a successful mobile-money scheme: the right technology, simple […]

Young Scholar awards for CPRsouth5: Deadline, 20 June 2010

Fifteen Young Scholars from the Asia-Pacific region  will be selected to participate in the tutorials taught by recognized scholars and practitioners scheduled to be held before CPRsouth5 (4-5 December 2010). Who qualifies? Entry level officers of government/regulatory agencies Entry/mid- level officers of private companies in the communication industries Masters/PhD students in Economics, Public policy, Communications […]

Less than 1% uses Mobile 2.0

LIRNEasia regularly surveys SEC group D and E (the bottom of the pyramid) teleuse in emerging Asian countries. In the study it was found that less than one percent of the Sri Lankan BOP phone users who are aware of mobile 2.0 services regularly use it. Highlighting this fact we ran an advertisement in the Daily Mirror today. The advertisement’s objective was to […]

Sliding leased circuit price in Asia remains crazy

TeleGeography has revealed the transpacific bandwidth costs five times more than the transatlantic price. The prices of a 10Gbps wavelength between London-New York (transatlantic) costs only US$9,000 to $20,000 per month. The same product, however, varies from $65,000 to $80,000 per month in Tokyo and Los Angeles (transpacific) route although this price has fallen at a compounded […]

Sri Lanka: Sense prevails on satellites

We were happy to note that the Telecom Regulatory Commission has pulled the plug on a senseless project that we criticized when first announced and once again, for emphasis. It will be interesting to see how much Surrey Satellite Technology, a firm fronted by the son of an English Lord of some kind, cleared in […]

Tech phobia is nothing new

We have had occasion to tangle with the Luddites, especially the critics of the mobile phone. It was somewhat comforting and definitely educative to see a nice summary of historical and current facts related to the topic in this review of a techphobic book by Nicholas Carr, the head priest of Internet criticism these days: […]

Colloquium: mHealth Revolutionizing Public Health in India and Sri Lanka

The Colloquim was conducted by Nuwan Waidyanatha from China while Chamindu Sampath projected the slides at LIRNEasia. Introduction to research The project is taking place in Kurunagala and Tamil Nadu. In 24 health sub centres and 4 public Helath Centres in Tamil Nadu and in Sri Lanka in 12 Hostpitals Disease infomation The system architecture […]

Nokia launching dual-SIM phones

Nokia’a latest move will make MNP further irrelevant while it’s a great news for consumers at the BOP.  The Finnish mobile behemoth will release four new cheap phones ranging between €30 and €45 and the cheapest one supports dual connection. The operators would better start pampering the BOP.  Nokia introduced also its first bicycle charger, targeting […]

The end of all-you-can-eat?

We said all you can eat pricing for users at the BOP will not work. Looks like it will not work for others as well if the move described in the NYT story holds. On Wednesday, AT&T pulled away the trough. And other wireless carriers could do the same. AT&T said it would no longer […]


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