New Zealand bids farewell to CDMA

Posted by on July 11, 2010  /  3 Comments

CDMA has wider coverage and higher capacity. It is also more data-centric than GSM. Theoretically, the US-born technology is more profitable in every respect than its European rival. Yet the latter has become de facto global standard of mobile telephony. Because unlike CDMA the GSM users can change their service provider without changing the handsets. Consumer is the king. This simple fundamental has been shaping the landscape of 21st century’s telecoms world.

CDMA is still alive and kicking in few markets including the USA. Although CDMA has joined the 3GPP family, the operators in many major markets (notably Australia and Brazil) have migrated to W-CDMA (a GSM offshoot) in the same frequency to be at par with global trend and remain profitable. No wonder the incumbent in New Zealand has decided to shutdown its CDMA network. It’s better to be late than never. Telecomasia reports.


  1. Why no post in LA about TRC decision to impose a 2 rupee minimum fee of phone charges?

  2. Please see July 12, 2010 LBO Choices column. Sri Lanka is just one of 12 countries we work in, so we have to fit commentary on LK among our other priorities.