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Research planning meeting: Info & knowledge gaps in agricultural value chains

LIRNEasia celebrated Sri Lanka’s 63rd anniversary of Independence by discussing how to bridge the information and knowledge gaps in the rubber and pineapple value chains in the country, based on the extensive value-chain research conducted by LIRNEasia researchers led by Sriganesh Lokanathan over the past six months. In addition, we initiated research planning for value-chain research in Bangladesh, India and Thailand that will constitute the Knowledge-Based Economies module of LIRNEasia’s current research cycle. Participants from Bangladesh, India, Korea, Nepal and Thailand participated in the rich discussion. Experts from within Sri Lanka included agriculture and demand-side research specialists. The summary report will be posted shortly.

1 Comment to Research planning meeting: Info & knowledge gaps in agricultural value chains

  1. Pineapple's Gravatar Pineapple
    February 5, 2011 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    Will the research on pineapple farming make:

    pineapple prices up or down?

    middleman’s take up or down?

    famer’s income up or down?


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