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Etisalat promises to deliver ‘Book Hub’

Etisalat pioneered the ‘App Store’ in Sri Lanka with AppZone – Sri Lanka’s first SMS based mobile application platform that allows software developers to create, test and monetize applications, while operators use their existing consumer base to promote the use of these value added services and thereby their networks.

They now promise to take it a notch up and introduce the eBook / eReader concept to consumers in the Island, with the recent M.D. Gunasena and Microimage partnerships.

At the signing that took pace yesterday, Etisalat CEO Dumindra Ratnayaka said, “EBook readers and eBook stores have become a global phenomenon but their benefits have eluded Sri Lankan readers, writers and publishers. This innovation will change that and the way that people read, purchase and publish local material, making it in our opinion one of the most innovative locally developed internet-based products”.

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    its good…….


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