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Bangladesh: More-than-voice use of mobiles up; phone sharing down

Ericsson has released results of a representative sample survey (3,000 sample) of teleuse in Bangladesh. This is a rare quantitative study for the region. We hope to make a few more posts on it, hopefully after getting a hold of the full report. The Daily Star provides a summary worth reading.

The trend towards internet use for social networking in urban areas of the country is growing remarkably, keeping pace with the global trend, he said.

Almost 17 percent of the mobile phone subscribers use internet for social sites, which was less than one percent in 2007. Twelve percent use data services for e-mail, 12 percent for ringtones and 18 percent for various reasons, according to the study.

According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, there are 3.11 crore people using internet, of which, 95 percent do it through mobile phones.

The study found that only 58 percent of urban mobile subscribers are aware of internet connectivity, while the figure is just 39 percent in rural areas.


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