Where is the fastest, cheapest and most reliable broadband in the US?

Posted by on July 19, 2012  /  1 Comments

According to this feature in the Line Media, it is not in Silicon Valley.

Here’s the pop quiz for today–If you wanted to use your garage for a high-tech startup, one that was going to require a gig of connectivity, where would be the best possible place for that garage to be located? Silicon Valley? Raleigh-Durham’s Research Triangle? The Twin Cities?

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The fastest, cheapest, and most reliable broadband service in the U.S., the kind that high-tech companies demand, is currently located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The reason, says Christopher Mitchell, Director, Telecommunications as Commons Initiative, is that the Tennessee town made a commitment to building a publically owned fiber network back in the 1990s, and eventually became the first place in the country to offer everyone in the community access to the much-sought-after “gig,” the ultra-high-speed 1Gbps network connection.

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