“Economic Strategies for Sri Lanka” Book Launch

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“Economic Strategies for Sri Lanka”, a book written in Sinhala, co-authored by LIRNEasia Chair and CEO, Rohan Samarajiva and  C.J. Amaratunga was launched at BCIS, Colombo on the 6th of September 2012.

The keynote was delivered by former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, W.A. Wijewardena. Tissa Seneviratne, Vice Chairman of Ceylon National Chamber of Industries gave his views on the book and its relevance to Sri Lanka.

The book was ceremoniously presented to Kanchana Dasanayake, Editor of “Ada” and “Tharunaya” news papers, Jayantha Kovilagodage, Editor of  “vimasuma.com” and Maneka Jayasinghe , Research associate, Frontier Research who represented the Sri Lankan youth.

The floor was open for discussion. The audience comprised of well informed individuals including academics, politicians, media personnel and those representing industries as well as civil society.

Photos of the event can be found here


  1. Three chapters of this book (related choices articles for those who don’t read Sinhala) are now recommended reading for MIS students at University of Colombo.

    1. Thanks. So many people ask about an English translation without thinking about Choices at LBO.LK. They are not identical; but related.