Parents as a barrier to Information economy

Posted by on September 25, 2012  /  0 Comments

When I was asked by LMD about barriers to growth in the ICT sector, I mentioned parents who are not open to their children becoming entrepreneurs. Here is a supportive story from India.

In Bangalore, a city at the forefront of many social changes in India, the young are leading a vibrant start-up culture that has taken root over the past few years, much to the dismay of a generation of parents.

According to these elders, respectfully called “Aunty” and “Uncle” in India by the younger generation, the natural progression after college is to work for a short time, to get an M.B.A., to land an even better job with an established company and culminating in an arranged marriage.

Entrepreneurship and arranged marriages are rarely an ideal match, however. So things often come to a head when young adults reach what many view as a marriageable age.

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