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The WWW Foundation measures the web’s impact

Bangladesh has been ranked 55th among the 61 countries globally and very last in the Asia-Pacific region in the 2012 Web Index. India was ranked 33, Pakistan 44 and Nepal 52 among the South Asian countries. The index has, however, excluded Sri Lanka for unknown reason. It has been compiled by the World Wide Web Foundation, which was launched in November 2009 by the father of Internet – Tim Berners-Lee.

The ranking is worked out by considering each country’s web usage in terms of the percentage of web users within the country and the content they have available. Web readiness is another factor, and is estimated according to the communications infrastructure of the country alongside its regulatory climate and censorship policies. The final aspect is the human impact, which is calculated by taking into account a range of economic, political, and social indicators including the use of social networks and how much business is carried out online.

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