Cloud is crucial for the developing economies

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A new report, “Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Emerging Economies—A Policy Overview” by Peter F. Cowhey and Michael Kleeman of the University of California San Diego, details how 60 percent of world server workloads to take place on cloud computers by 2014.

It examines the critical benefits to lower and middle-income economies, in particular those of India, Mexico and South Africa, from international and domestic adoption of cloud computing. Among the key findings in the report are:

  1. The cloud enables developing world economies to be competitive with higher value added products as goods and services become more information and communications technology (ICT) intensive;
  2. The cloud bolsters South-South commerce, the fastest growing share of world trade investment;
  3. The cloud’s scalability boosts job creation by helping small to medium sized businesses reduce costs and investments;
  4. The cloud enables developing world countries’ governments to deliver core services more effectively and efficiently; and
  5. The cloud boosts network infrastructure investment in lower income economies.

View the full report.

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