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Bangladesh takes 3G back to the Stone Age

The pre-auction era of 3G licenses in Europe can be dubbed as the Stone Age of telecoms. Vendors, operators and policymakers launched a notoriously misleading campaign about mobile Internet. Making mobile video calls and watching TV in mobile phones were central to Europe’s 3G hype. It made the governments rich from auctioning the 3G spectrum at billions of dollars. But the industry went broke and innovation was stalled. Today one can merely pity them.

The greed for making quick bucks from 3G auction became contagious among the foolish governments. And Bangladesh has joined the club. The launching of 3G through state-owned Teletalk has immediately backfired. Teletalk, however, remains unmoved. Instead of addressing appalling QoS, it has planned to bundle handsets in 3G offerings. And Teletalk’s perception on 3G echoes the European ignorance of the past:

Initially 3G users can watch five television channels on their cell phone, namely Bangladesh Television (BTV), Shomoy Television, RTV, MyTV and GTV. reports.


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