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The report "A Baseline Survey of ICT and Knowledge Access in Myanmar" is now available in Myanmar Language here.

LIRNEasia 2012-14 Research Planning Meeting

LIRNEasia Research Planning Meeting
for the IDRC funded “Inclusion in the Information Society” project
20th and 21st December 2012

Session 1: Introduction to the research project
| Helani Galpaya |

Session 2: Telecommunications in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
Bangladesh + Sri Lanka| Roshanthi Gunaratne, Shazna Zuhyle |
India| Payal Malik |

Session 3: Electricity in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
Bangladesh| Pial Islam |
India|Usha Ramachandra PhD, Rajkiran Bilolikar |
Sri Lanka|Nilusha Kapugama|

Session 4: Frameworks, theory and comparability
| Rohan Samarajiva PhD|

Session 5: Government services in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
| Subash Bhatnagar PhD |

Session 6: Introduction to the Urban Micro-Entrepreneur (ME) survey
|Vignesh Ilavarasan PhD, Ranjula Perera |

Session 7: Big Data for Development
| Sriganesh Lokanathan |

Session 8: Drafting of ME research questions

Session 9: Qualitative research for User Centric Design
| Namrata Mehta |

Session 10: Dissemination Strategy
| Rohan Samarajiva |


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