Call for paper proposals: CPRsouth8/ CPRafrica 2013 [Deadline extended to 15 February 2013]

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CPRsouth is LIRNEasia‘s capacity and field-building program to develop an Asia-Pacific knowledge network on ICT policy regulation.  Through the annual conference CPRsouth provides a forum for policy-engaged scholars to meet face-to-face to exchange ideas, network and improve the quality of their scholarly work.
See below for more details of the conference.
CPRsouth8/ CPRafrica 2013
Innovation & Entrepreneurship in ICT: Changing Asia / Africa
5-7 September 2013, Mysore, India

Organized by LIRNEasia, Research ICT Africa, and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC) and the Department for International Development, UK (DFID)

Communication Policy Research: south (CPRsouth) intends to build human capacity in the South by reinforcing and developing the knowledge, skills, and commitment of ICT policy and regulation scholars in the region or with substantial interest in the region. The overall objective is to create policy intellectuals capable of informed and effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes in specific country contexts.

The conference will be hosted at the Infosys Campus Mysore India. The state-of-the-art Campus has been set up and is managed by the Indian global technology services company, Infosys, for the purpose of training its staff and recruits.  The Infosys Bangalore and Mysore campuses inspired Thomas Friedman to write the international bestseller The world is flat. 

The conference will accommodate ~30 paper presenters from Africa and the Asia-Pacific over the course of three days (Asia-Pacific papers will make up around 60 percent of total).   The conference includes sessions on cutting-edge developments on policy and regulation in the South and discussion of the research-policy interface.  The audience will be made up of 70+ scholars on ICT policy and practice. Each of the paper sessions will be chaired by a senior scholar.  Substantive discussant comments will be provided.

Paper presenters will have opportunity to be mentored on their paper, policy brief and the presentation prior to the conference.


Paper proposals on ICT policy and regulation research carried out in the Asia Pacific or relevant to the Asia-Pacific may be submitted for review and acceptance. The paper proposals must be classifiable with at least three keywords from the list below (if you have trouble doing so, it is an indication that your work may not fit this conference).  The keywords will be used to assign papers to reviewers in a double-blind process which will yield a short list of approximately 30-35.  Completed papers based on the shortlisted paper proposals will be judged by two senior scholars and the authors of the highest ranked papers will be invited to present at the conference.


Access | Applications | Authorization and Licensing | Broadband| Business models | Citizen | Civil society| Cloud computing | Competition | Conflict | Connectivity | Consumer | Content | Convergence | Cooperation  | Demand | Disaster  | Disability | Domestic | Economy | Efficiency | Emerging markets  | Environment   | Governance | Growth | Inclusion | Indicators | Information | Infrastructure | Innovation | International | Judiciary | Knowledge | Legislation | Markets | Media | Monopoly | Networks | Performance | Policy | Political economy | Poverty | Productivity | Property | Public goods | Oligopoly | Reforms  | Regional | Regulation | Spectrum | Strategy | Transparency | Universal access | Universal services

The relevant keywords from the above list must be included in your paper proposal

Submission Guidelines
Paper proposals should be submitted electronically at onor before 15 February 2013 and must contain the following:

  1. 750-word paper proposal, including a minimum of three and a maximum of five keywords from the list given above.  Include at least three, but preferably more, references to prior work.  The references and keywords are outside the 500-word limit.
  2. Curriculum vitae (one page)

The template for the paper proposals submission can be downloaded

The document must be named CPRsouth8_paperproposal&Bio_YourLastName.doc. It should be in MS office word format. Please note that the paper proposal and bio must be in a single document.

Notification of shortlisting of paper proposals will be emailed on or before 16 March 2013, and authors will be given nearly two months to submit their completed papers – i.e., full papers have to be submitted for final review by 25 April 2013. Only full papers of acceptable quality that are received by the deadline will be considered for partial travel and accommodation support.  It is expected that the papers will be improved based on substantive comments provided in the run-up to the conference. All paper givers are required to develop a policy brief based on the final research paper.  Mentoring on writing a policy brief will be provided prior to the conference.  Policy briefs will be judged in a policy-brief competition.

Paper presenters who make the cut will be notified by 03 June 2013 with contact information for the assigned chair and discussant and instructions on travel arrangements.

Review Criteria
Paper proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
1. PRINCIPAL RESEARCH QUESTION: (15%): Captures the essence of the proposal in no more than 50 words
2. POLICY RELEVANCE (15%): The relevance of the proposal to identified decision-makers in the ICT space is explicated
3. COMPONENT RESEARCH QUESTIONS (15%): Breaks down the research question further and is linked to the research plan
4. RESEARCH PLAN (45%): Includes a literature search, method and data sources sections
5. LIST OF REFERENCES/SOURCES (5%):  Identifies the key documents.  APA style is used
6. TITLE (5%): Is clear and communicates no more and no less than the content given in the proposal.

Please note: Only the authors whose papers that are delivered by the 25 April 2013 deadline AND who meet the quality standard will be allowed to present at the conference.

The papers selected for presentation at the CPRsouth Conference will be uploaded onto the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) database.  Please note that the submission of the final paper implies consent to upload them onto the SSRN database. The slides of the presentations and the policy brief will be uploaded onto

Previous conferences
Please see, CPRsouth conference archives for programs and papers presented.

Selected paper givers who are passport holders of, and travelling from, low, lower-middle and upper middle income countries within the Asia Pacific (as classified by the World Bank will be provided with:

  • Lowest-cost economy airfare to India (less USD 200 registration fee).
  •  Twin sharing accommodation on bed and breakfast basis, 3 lunches and 1 dinner for the duration of the conference (5-7 September 2013).  Not all meals are covered.

The airfare will be reimbursed less USD 200, the registration fee for the conference.

The cost of transportation to and from airports in home countries, visa fees (if any), meals not provided and incidental costs have to borne by the participants.

Visas are required to enter India, with a few exceptions. Letters will be provided for this purpose after participant selections have been made. Participants are strongly advised to initiate visa approval procedures immediately thereafter.

Key Dates
Deadline for paper proposals: 15 February 2013
Deadline for complete papers:  25 April 2013

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