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Reliable without single points of failure, low latency and no snooping

Since 2010, we at LIRNEasia have been engaged with problems of international backhaul. Renesys, an authoritative voice in this space, has a nice summary of developments in 2013. Here is their conclusion, influenced no doubt by the incredible damage done to US players in this space by the indiscriminate snooping of NSA.

Increasingly, simply having inexpensive connectivity in our interconnected world is not enough. As enterprises become more sophisticated consumers of Internet transit, they seek connectivity alternatives that will keep their own customers happy. They’re looking for providers whose global Internet service is truly fit for purpose: reliable without single points of failure, low latency and as direct as possible (i.e., not subject to snooping by hostile third parties). Any providers who can demonstrably meet these new expectations will undoubtedly gain customers and grow in our rankings. Stay tuned for an interesting 2014!


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