Mobile broadband speeds in India left to the operator

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Despite proposing minimum broadband speeds during a public consultation for wireless communication technologies, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has  now revoked its proposition. The consultation issued in April this year received 56 responses, including one from LIRNEasia. In May 2014 TRAI requested for counter comments. However, after having gone through the whole process it seems that the telecom operators have been given the freedom to define the speeds themselves by not mandating a minimum. Instead, the following is in effect:

(4)Every Service Provider shall ensure that the details of Minimum download speed available to the consumer, in its wireless data plans, are –
(a) printed on the vouchers of the wireless data plans
(b) published on its websites and all advertisements of wireless data plans; and
(c) available at its complaint centers and sale outlets


Gazette notification and press release.

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