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Planning meeting on forecasting dengue in Sri Lanka using big data

1231314_1437662964LIRNEasia has been at the forefront of big data analysis for development in Sri Lanka, conducting in-house analysis to generate actionable insights across a range of policy domains. On 6th May 2016, LIRNEasia and the Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka jointly convened a planning meeting on building better models for forecasting the propagation of infectious disease such as dengue in Sri Lanka. The meeting was intended to lay the foundation for a multi-disciplinary collaboration engaging health informatics specialists, epidemiologists, and data scientists to identify research priorities and opportunities.

The participants included the following:

  • Madhushi Bandara, Junior Researcher, LIRNEasia
  • Prof Vajira Dissanayake (Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka, Biomedical Informatics Programme – Postgraduate Institute of Medicine)
  • Dr. M.B.A. Ghouse (Epidemiology Unit)
  • Thavisha Gomez, Research Manager, LIRNEasia
  • Dr. Roshan Hewapathirana (Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka, Biomedical Informatics Programme – Postgraduate Institute of Medicine)
  • Dr.B.D.W. Jayamanne (National Dengue Control Unit)
  • Isuru Jayasooriya, Researcher, LIRNEasia
  • Sriganesh Lokanathan, Team Leader – Big Data Research, LIRNEasia
  • Danaja Maldeniya, Senior Researcher, LIRNEasia
  • Dr. Shehan Perera, PhD, Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa
  • Prof. Rohan Samarajiva, Chair, LIRNEasia
  • Dr. Nishan Silva (Ministry of Health)

The workshop report is available HERE.

Preparatory materials and presentations:

  • Meeting agenda
  • Forecasting the propagation of vector-borne infectious diseases using high resolution mobility patterns and other data | Concept paper |
  • Introduction to mobile network big data and its potential applications for developmental domains | Presentation Slides |
  • State of the art in forecasting infectious disease propagation with big data: Pakistan case study | Presentation Slides | Research Paper |
  • Preliminary research on the use of MNBD in Sri Lanka for forecasting dengue propagation | Concept paper |

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