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Media coverage for LIRNEasia’s research on zero rating workarounds in India

Because of the TRAI decision outlawing zero rating, various workarounds were developed. With Mozilla funding, LIRNEasia conducted research on how they were being used in the New Delhi area. Yesterday’s Indian Express carried a story:

“We worried that rewarding people for the use of apps would have a ‘tunneling effect’, where users don’t explore the wider internet. But such fears are premature in India, where we see diverse content being accessed even by users of these apps,” said Helani Galpaya, CEO of LIRNEasia.

The report highlighted that unaffordability and the lack of digital skills were amongst the reasons that people didn’t Internet. Reliance Jio SIM users are already online, thanks to company’s subsidized data offerings. Most used Jio SIM as secondary SIM cards. Others cited reasons such as difficulties in affording a 4G-compatible device for not being able to capitalize on Jio’s free data offers.


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