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Using technology for governance

I will be participating in a panel on using technology for governance at the Global Technology Summit on 7-8 December 2017 in Bengaluru. This is an annual event organized by Carnegie India.

Problems associated with policy implementation can be potentially solved through partnerships with the private sector and the use of technology. But to gain maximally from such efforts, both policy makers and executors have to realign their vision and understand the technology space for what it is: a vibrant zone of activity, willing to test, experiment, fail, and learn. This fundamental shift in approach from existing governance models presents both huge opportunities and challenges, as this panel probes.

Speakers Charru Malhotra, associate professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration
Arvo Ott, head, e-Services, Estonian E-Governance Academy
Osama Manzar, founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation
Rohan Samarajiva, founder, LIRNEasia

Chair P.S. Raghavan, convenor, National Security Advisory Board

2 Comments to Using technology for governance

  1. December 8, 2017 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    Dear R Samarajeeva,
    In Sri Lanka there is a transit moment to significant change towards a positive
    for women’s democratic affiliation in the decision making process. But it is a big challenge to overcome such effort. Using technology is also a big challenge for them in exchange the needs on expand in the society. As an example using face book – it is using only young people who have no social , political , economical analytical knowledge and as well as experiences. what is the method to overcome this? How do we practice them to using technology. The policy makers and executors have to have a vision and understand the technology space . You should have support to women in this zone of activity, experiments etc., This fundamental shift in approach from existing governance models we would like to gain. Please try to make access of this huge opportunities and challenges as you said. ,


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