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Likely that international voice calling is heading for extinction

People are talking across borders more and more. But the minutes carried the old-fashioned way by telecom operators are on a downward trajectory. It won’t be long before conventional calling will go the way of the telegram.

Telcos terminated 547 billion minutes of international traffic in 2013, and Skype plus carrier traffic totaled 761 billion minutes. If we assume that total international (carrier plus OTT) traffic has continued to grow at a relatively modest 13 percent annually since 2013, the combined volume of international traffic would have reached 1.1 trillion minutes in 2016, and 1.24 trillion minutes in 2017. This calculation suggests that OTT apps delivered nearly 730 billion minutes of international traffic in 2017, 40 percent more than all of the telcos in the world, combined.

Telegeography estimates.

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