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What is not bias?

Bias is an important topic in general. It is of special significance to a research organization. Issues of bias being built into models that are beginning to play significant roles in society and economy are coming to the forefront of public discourse. So we decided to talk about this topic at a Journal Club. Colleagues from University of Moratuwa’s DataSearch also attended.

The conversation was extremely fruitful in that it helped the techies understand what kinds of concerns motivate the people from public policy and it helped people who work in the policy space understand the language and worldview of those working on algorithms and models.

The slideset.

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  1. W.H.munasinghe's Gravatar W.H.munasinghe
    February 21, 2018 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    If anything is “Perfect”it is not bias.So, how to build Perfectness is the main challenge for us.To achieve that we should follow universally accepted principles on anything.For the human beings as well as for the earth and environment. The learned people and other interlegencia should work together in this regard.

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