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Haymar Win Tun

Haymar was a colleague and friend who will be remembered with affection by members of LIRNEasia’s alumni who were fortunate enough to work with her. We extend our sincere commiserations to her family over her sudden demise.

At the time of her untimely demise, Haymar was a Zonal Monitoring Coordinator, for area development programs conducted by World Vision Myanmar. Her scope of work included visiting program sites and analyzing challenges faced by the programs, and reporting back to the Zonal Manager to develop effective counter strategies.

Haymar was with LIRNEasia for a period of one month in December 2009, working on a research paper on knowledge assessment methodology, titled ‘Building knowledge economies: Application of knowledge assessment methodology (KAM),’ as part of her graduation requirement. She conducted her research under the guidance of Professor Rohan Samarajiva.

“Although I was interested in policy research, I did not have experience in formulating and conducting such research. As a result, I did not know how to approach it. It was Professor Samarajiva who guided me on how to proceed with my research,” was how Haymar explained her involvement with LIRNEasia.

“I feel this guidance changed my way of thinking. So, although my time at LIRNEasia was short, I must say, it had a huge impact on developing my research skills and my approach to the subject of policy research,” she said when contacted by LIRNEasia to compile her profile, prior to her demise.


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