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Juhee Kang, PhD

Juhee Kang

Juhee Kang, PhD, is a research specialist at the United Nations Asian Pacific Training Centre for ICT for Development (UN-APCICT). Her research interests focus on utilizing information communication technologies for international development (ICTD). She examines how socioeconomically disadvantaged people in developing countries use mobile phones and their associated behavioral changes. In parallel, she explores the relationship between ICT use and development and how effective policies can strengthen the link between ICT innovation and pro-poor development.

Juhee has various research experiences with academic, industry and non-profit partners including Samsung Electronics Research Institute, International Telecommunications Union, LIRNEasia, Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA), etc. She holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Yonsei University (Korea), a M.A. in International Communications and Development from City University London (UK) and a Ph.D. in Media and Information Studies in Michigan State University (USA).



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