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Juni Soehardjo

Research Fellow (Indonesia)

Juni Soehardjo is the Executive Director of KADIN (Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) on Telecommunication, IT, and Media (ICT) Sector Supporting Unit, Jakarta,Indonesia.
She had working experience in several sectors, e.g. drilling company (Mainline Resources Pte Ltd), journalism (Femina Magazine), brokerage company for stock exchange (PT Nomura Indonesia), consumer products (The Walt Disney Company Singapore Pte Ltd), before settling in the infocomm sector. Her focus has been in telecommunications, broadcasting, media law and to some extent cybercrime law. She graduated from Law School of University of Indonesia, where she got her degree in economic law.
She has a certificate of ACCS – or Accredited Cyber Crime Studies from STMIK Perbanas. She is also one of people assigned as source
person by ID-SIRTII (Indonesian Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure) when it was established. She has the
equivalent of a master’s degree level due to her extensive knowledge of the ICT sectors.
In 2009 she was a short-listed candidate to head the telecommunications sector as a BRTI Commissioner—she was one of the 10 shortlisted candidates (5 were chosen as Commissioners).
She is the only female member of Board of Commissioners (Dewan Pembina) of YKBK – a Christian publishing company since 2008. She
is active in the institution since 2002.



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