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Pratichi J Couturier

Pratichi is the State Focal Point of the Upper Nile Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme Cluster, of the South of Sudan, under the French INGO, Solidarites International. Solidarites is involved in the provision of humanitarian services.

Pratichi joined LIRNEasia for a five month internship in 2009 and was involved in research that examined preconditions for a knowledge-based economy in the Asia-Pacific region and the potential of online communication platforms for furthering LIRNEasia’s mission.

Pratichi says her internship at LIRNEasia has influenced her current occupation in a number of different ways. “At LIRNEasia, I had the opportunity to work on projects that helped develop my secondary research skills. These skills are still relevant for my work,” she says.  “I also learned how to coordinate projects and developed leadership skills by observing Professor Rohan Samarajiva, who was my mentor,” she adds.

Pratichi says LIRNEasia’s work environment that allows interaction with people from different countries and backgrounds, is another dimension of the LIRNEasia experience that is directly relevant to her current work. “My work requires that I collaborate with different professionals from many different parts of the world. LIRNEasia’s multi-cultural work environment exposed me to this, and I think this is an important contribution by LIRNEasia towards my personal development,” she says.



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