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Tahani Iqbal

Tahani is currently the Assistant Manager, Regulatory Strategy and Development, in the Group Regulatory Affairs Department of the Axiata Group Berhad, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She utilizes her telecommunications industry expertise to ensure optimal regulatory outcomes for Axiata and its operating companies through strategic regulatory planning and policy development initiatives.

Tahani, who was with LIRNEasia for five and half years, from 2006 to 2011, says her time at LIRNEasia has been the longest she has spent at a single organization in her entire 10 year employment history. During this period she managed LIRNEasia’s Communication Policy Research South (CPRsouth) program, which is aimed at building capacity in communication policy research in the Asia Pacific. Her work involved organizing an annual conference and providing a virtual platform for communication policy researchers in the Asia Pacific to interact. As a research fellow, Tahani also conducted a study on mobile number portability in emerging Asia and researched ICT access and use among Asia’s bottom of the pyramid, and compiled comparative mobile price indicators across the SAARC region.

Tahani says her time at LIRNEasia has impacted not only her present occupation but also her personal life. She says, “The learnings and experiences during my LIRNEasia days have had the most influence on my current occupation, my career goals, and also my personal life. It was Professor Samarajiva who encouraged me to complete my Masters in Singapore – where I met my husband. Professor Samarajiva also recommended me for my current job.”

Tahani says the insights acquired through her research at LIRNEasia, and exposure to telecommunications industry policy and regulations, continue to come in useful in her current work.


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