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Juhee Kang

Juhee is a PhD candidate at the Department of Telecommunications, Information Studies and Media, at the Michigan State University, US. Her research interests include mobile adoption and usage behaviour among the BOP (Bottom Of the Pyramid) in developing countries, and pro-poor telecommunications policy in emerging Asia.

Explaining her experiences at LIRNEasia Juhee says “I think my time at LIRNEasia had an influence on my current occupation by greatly broadening my research interests and by deepening my understanding of the role of ICT in the development of South Asian countries.”

Juhee joined LIRNEasia as a six-month graduate Research Associate in 2011 and was involved in the ‘Teleuse at the bottom of the pyramid 4,’ project (Teleuse@BOP4). This was a research project conducted across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Java (Indonesia), on how mobile phones are being used for productive purposes, especially within the agriculture sector. She was also involved in universal service policy research. In the Teleuse@BOP4 project, she was involved in designing questionnaires, conducting surveys, analyzing data and writing papers.

Juhee says she is currently working on several research papers based on Teleuse@BOP4  and the role of effective telecom policy in increasing ICT adoption and use in Asia. “As I was given the opportunity at LIRNEasia to be involved in data collection and to participate in discussions in emerging Asia, I have been able to gain firsthand knowledge on the subject,” she says. Juhee says the exposure has been valuable for her PhD studies and she is currently working on her dissertation based on LIRNEasia data.



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