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Juni Soehardjo

Juni is a Director of the Telecommunication, IT, and Media (ICT) Sector, of the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN ), located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  She is also pursuing a Masters degree in European Studies at the University of Indonesia. Her work at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce is mainly focused on facilitating ICT and telecommunications development for the Indonesian business sector and she is the liaison between the Telecommunications Regulator of Indonesia and the Indonesian business sector.   This involves developing contact networks among government, private sector and non-government parties, and coordinating between various stakeholders of the ICT sector.

Juni has been involved with LIRNEasia, as a researcher, since 2006.  In 2008 – 2011, she was a co-researcher, as well as a co-writer, of the Indonesian Report for Telecom Regulatory and Policy Environment in Indonesia: Results and Analysis of the 2008 TRE Survey. In 2006-7 she was a  junior researcher for the 2006 TRE Survey.  The research focused on stakeholder perceptions of the Indonesian regulations of the telecommunication and IT sector.

“I feel my work at LIRNEasia is relevant to my work because research by LIRNEasia is highly regarded by the Telecommunications stakeholders in Indonesia,” says Juni.  She adds that due to her large contact base and involvement in the sector, she is able to establish connections between resource personnel and sector experts in telecommunications and broadcasting, for research projects.

Juni is also an active member of the Training and Compliance Working Group of the Indonesian Press Council – aiding the Commissioner of the National Press Council since late 2011 – where she has done research on social media development and journalist’s compliance with Codes of Ethics.  Link



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