LIRNEasia is a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank active across the Asia Pacific

Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

We aim to build a virtual organization that will one day make working from Bhutan as easy as working from this office. We will work in teams; we will work flexibly and we will work effectively. The organization centered on this office will help each person work to their full capacity; it will be a learning organization; a place where creativity is valued and debate encouraged. It will not be a place to clock in and out from; to engage in office intrigue; or to worry about the next promotion. It will add to your productivity, not drain it.” -Rohan, LIRNEasia office opening

LIRNEasia started off with a physical presence consisting of two full time staff, an executive director and a compact 15 by 20 ft office under the leafy shade of an ancient Mara tree at the back of the parking lot of SLIDA, the administrative training academy of Sri Lanka, in Colombo. Neither our size nor our location in any way limited our possibilities. Since February 2006, we have been working out of a stand-alone building with a little more elbow room. Around 15 people come to work on any given day. We now have an actual conference room and a multi-purpose room that is used for meetings when there are no children, though we miss the table under the tree. With a small administrative core, much of our work is facilitated through extended networks across Asia. The value of this is parallel to that of networks according to Metcalfe’s law: the total value of a network is greater than the sum of the number of its users.

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