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Beyond policy silos –towards a unified education policy framework for Sri Lanka

Ethnic issues continue to provide the sub text for a presidential election scheduled for the eighth of January 2015. At this point on the dawn on 2015 it is appropriate to recall that one issue that was pivotal in setting off the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka was access to public higher education. Forty years […]

Information society indicators: Are we measuring the right thing?

Recent budget announcement by President Rajapakse places high value on increasing higher education enrollments. Is this the right approach as Sri Lanka aspires to be a hub in the knowledge economy which requires an information savvy society? Information society indicators are limited by the type and quality of data that international agencies can collect. Not […]

Big Data for feeding the world, sustainably

Big data is getting bigger. It has moved from limited use by retailers such as or wallmart and others analysing customer behaviour to just about every sector. Scientists have always crunched large amounts of data. The genomes of species and  repositories of chemical structures and properties are two  sources of big data for scientists. […]

Big Data and Social Science Research

The availability massive data bases and the ability to mine those has opened possibilities of data-based research to  understand social phenomena,  but social science in its present form in the developing world may not be able to meet the challenge. While the clamour for open data and open science/social science should continue no doubt , […]

Only 9.5% Youth in Sri Lanka are Digital Natives

A study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the International Telecommunication Union, and published on Oct 7, shows that only 30 percent of people ages 15 to 24 have spent at least five years actively using the Internet, the criterion used to define digital nativism. As expected, more than 90 percent of young […]

The IDRC Grant that Keeps Giving- Thanks to the Power of Networks

Deyata Kirula or “Crown of the Nation” is an annual showcase of the achievements of the Government of Sri Lanka.  For the second consecutive year, the Ministry of Skills Development is presenting the skill standard for solid waste operations assistants. In 2012, Deyata Kirula was held in Anuradhapura in the North Central Province. Over 170 […]

Usability of University Research in the Internet Age

Creation of new knowledge by universities is typically assessed in terms of publications and citations in scholarly venues, and the same measures are used to assess capacity for future contributions. As the production and dissemination of knowledge becomes increasingly mediated by the Internet, the Internet presence of researchers is becoming a more valid and relevant […]

Internet Presence of Telecom Researchers

Knowledge capacity is typically measured in terms of the ‘productivity’ of researchers. In a paper accepted for publication in Information Technology for International Development (ITID_1.pdf) Gamage and Samarajiva argue that researchers need to pay attention to their ‘internet presence’ and ‘connectivity’ as well. The argument is supported by data on researchers on telecom reform from […]


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