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Ford Foundation Broadband Policy Course

In partnership with Ford Foundation, LIRNEasia is working on a project on ‘Facilitating and enriching policy discourse on improving broadband access by the poor in India’.  The objective of the study is to inform and engage decision makers and stakeholders in India (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, senior executives from operators, senior academics and civil-society leaders) about good practices on licensing policy, spectrum management, as well as other regulatory aspects affecting broadband access by the poor.

The project comprises of three main activities: Documentation and archiving, Capacity Building and Dissemination.

Under Capacity Building 4-day residential short courses were organized for Indian stakeholders, including civil-society groups (academics, media etc) engaged in related educational activities. These courses enable them to marshal available research and evidence for effective participation in relevant policy and regulatory processes, including interactions with media.

Links below give more details about each of these courses, including their content and participants.

Broadband Policy Course, Bangalore 2013

Broadband Policy Course, Sohna 2014

Broadband Research Course, New Delhi 2014

How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes, Nagarkot, Nepal, 2015

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, Marawila, Sri Lanka, 2015

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, IIT Delhi, India, August 2016

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, IIT Delhi, India, December 2016




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