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Research relevant to broadband policy and regulatory processes 2014

The 4-day residential course on ‘Research relevant to Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes’ held on 19-22nd August 2014 in New Delhi, India was the third of a series of short courses funded by Ford Foundation. The two previous courses were mainly focused on producing knowledgeable consumers of research who are able to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, whereas this course also incorporated how to produce policy-relevant research into the syllabus.



Photos of the Event

Summary of Course Report (including evaluations and participant overview)

A combination of teaching formats was used to enhance collaboration, open discussion and build a thorough grounding in Broadband Policy and Regulation. Lectures, panel discussions and team work were utilized as teaching tools.
The presentations of the course are below

Day 1

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Introduction to demand-side research

Session 3 – Causation correlation and other preoccupations of social science

Session 4 – Prior Knowledge

Day 2

Session 5 & 6 – Design and conduct of quantitative research

Session 7 – Research using supply-side data

Session 8 – What we can learn from government data

Session 9 – Research to Policy

Day 3

Session 10 – Presenting scientific information to the public

Session 11 – Using Excel to full potential

Session 12 – Research on law and policy

Session 13 – Qualitative research

Session 14 – Big data for beginners

Day 4

Session 13 – Policy Brief Exercise

Session 14 – Presentations and Feedback


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