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ICT Awareness Program for Myanmar Parliamentarians

18 MPs from six parties

A one and half day course was offered by LIRNEasia in collaboration with Myanmar ICT Development Organization (MIDO), for members of the Parliament of Myanmar. This training was organized with the support from the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC) and Department for International Development (DfID) at the Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon on 26-27th July 2014.

Eighteen members of Parliament from six different political parties, including the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party and the opposition National League for Democracy, actively participated in the training and asked for followup training at the end of the course.

The course sought to give an overview of the significance of ICTs, how poor Myanmar micro-entrepreneurs use ICTs (based on recent demand side research conducted by LIRNEasia),  the distinction between legislation and policies and the practical aspects of how social media can be used in government interactions with the people.

More photographs can be found here.

The Course report including syllabus and course evaluations can be access here.

The slides presented are below

Day 1

What is the significance of ICTs to legislators?_– Rohan Samarajiva

Stories from the field: What do poor micro-entrepreneurs in Myanmar  do with ICTs? – Helani Galpaya

Legislation, policies, plans, strategies, regulation – Rohan Samarajiva

Modalities of making and implementing ICT policy – Rohan Samarajiva and Helani Galpaya

What is independent regulation? Why is it needed for sector growth – Rohan Samarajiva

Day 2

Regulation of Online Speech – Nay Phone Latt

Hope in the heart and money in the pocket – Rohan Samarajiva

How to think about Internet Policy – Sunil Abraham; counter point by Charitha Herath


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