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Introductory course on “Policy and regulation conducive to rapid ICT sector growth in Myanmar”

LIRNEasia in collaboration with Myanmar ICT Development Organization (MIDO) organized a five-day residential course on “Policy and regulation conducive to rapid ICT sector growth in Myanmar” on 28th Sep to 2nd Oct 2013 at Royal Kaytumadi Hotel, Taungoo, Myanmar. This course was funded by the Open Society Foundation and the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC).

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The main goal of this course was to enable members of Myanmar civil-society groups (including academics and those from the media) to marshal available research and evidence for effective participation in policy and regulatory processes, thereby improving policy processes and helping achieve the government’s objective of providing ICT access to all.

Myanmar course report including syllabus

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A combination of teaching formats was used to enhance collaboration, open discussion and build a thorough grounding in policy and regulation conducive to rapid ICT sector growth. Lectures, panel discussions and group assignments were utilized as teaching tools.

The presentations of the course are below

Day 1

Session 1 – Introduction to course: What have been the results of reform & rationale for regulation

Session 2 – Importance of demand-side research

Session 3 – Finding information on the web

Session 4 – Licensing and authorization

Day 2

Session 5 – Regulatory legitimacy including independence and procedural legitimacy

Session 6 – Essential facilities and anti-competitive practices

Session 7 – How Policy and Regulatory Processes Work – Panel Discussion

Session 8 – Current status of telecom law and policy in Myanmar

Session 9 – Price Regulation

Day 3

Session 10 – Challenges of monitoring license requirements

Session 11 – Quality Regulation

Session 12 – Presenting evidence in slides and written submissions

Session 13 – Universal service subsidies Theory & practice_HGUniversal service subsidies Theory & practice_KS

Day 4

Session 14 – Challenges faced by nascent regulatory agencies_RSChallenges faced by nascent regulatory agencies_KS

Session 15 – What next?

Day 5

Session 16 – Internet Governance

Session 17 – Economic & technical interface with telecom industry

Session 18 – How Internet is Governed in India

Session 19 – Surveillance and Privacy_SASurveillance & privacy_RS

Session 20 – Content Regulation


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