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12th SAFIR Core Course on Infrastructure Regulation


12th SAFIR Core Course was held in Tulhiriya, Sri Lanka from 5-8 March 2013. The event was organized by LIRNEasia for the Secretariat of the South Asian Forum for Infrastructure Regulation(SAFIR).

The course was designed to address the challenges facing member agencies of SAFIR, drawing from the economic principles that underlie the practice of regulation as well as the specificities of South Asian politico-economic context. The focus is on actions that may be taken by the regulator, rather than an abstract discussion of regulation.

The content, organized on two parallel, intertwining tracks- one focusing on the rationales for regulation and the various factors that affect regulation as currently practiced in the region and the other on strategies for securing the legitimacy of the regulator through customer engagement. The design of the compressed course is based on counter-posing concepts and their application and the contrasting of country experience to yield insight.

Course directors were Dr Partha Mukhopadhyay (Senior Research Fellow, Center for Policy Research, India & Member Scientific Advisory Council, LIRNEasia) and Dr Rohan Samarajiva (Chair, LIRNEasia & Former Director General of Telecommunication, Sri Lanka).


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