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Thinking automatically, thinking socially or thinking with mental models?


How do YOU think? We tell ourselves that when people are faced with making a decision, they would make reasonable, well informed and carefully thought out decisions. Oftentimes, we think (unconsciously of course) that other people think in the same way that we ourselves do. But for the vast majority of time, this is just […]

The XX Factor: How working women are creating a new society (Part 1)


The XX Factor is written by Alison Wolf, the CBE Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College London. The book outlines how working women of the modern workforce have changed the society.  This change has occurred due to the fact that women are working in white collar jobs around the world hand […]

Public access to ICTs: Sculpting the profile of users

Public access to ICTs: Sculpting the profile of users is a Global Impact Study working paper by George Sciadas, with input from Hil Lyons, Chris Rothschild, and Araba Sey. Based on a survey of public access ICT users in five countries, it outlines some basic characteristics of users – their demographics, history of using ICTs […]

The evolution of telecommunications policy-making: comparative analysis of China and India- Chun Liu, Krishna Jayakar

Taking a page from the new institutionalism school of thought, this article argues that institutions matter and that understanding institutions- both formal and informal- is crucial in understanding policy outcomes especially in the field of telecom policy making in India and China. The authors analysed telecom policy making in India and China using 2 specific […]

The end justifies the definition: The manifold outlooks on the digital divide and their practical usefulness for policy-making

In his paper, author Martin Hilbert presents a conceptual framework to classify the different definitions of the digital divide by using the theory on diffusion of innovation. The author equates the diffusion of ICT to the diffusion of Innovation which is the process by which an innovation is communicated over time among the members of […]

Will Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) alter the net as we know it?

In their paper ‘The end of the net as we know it? Deep packet inspection and internet Governance‘, authors Ralf Bendrath and Milton Mueller explore the ways in which internet governance is responding to DPI. At present, the structure and dynamics of the internet is such that the intelligence is at the edge of the […]


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