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Is the mobile phone to blame for murder?

A man buys himself a Rs 40 knife, and uses it to kill his wife. He later tells the police that she used her mobile phone too much – he suspected she was being unfaithful. He intended only to cut her ear off. But in a rage he killed her. A “reporter” calls LIRNEasia Chairman, […]

Expert Forum: ICT Sector Indicators and Benchmark Regulation

An Expert Forum on ICT Sector Indicators and Benchmark Regulation for SAARC Regulatory Authorities will be held in Changi Village Hotel, Singapore on 14 – 15 June 2008 following the 12th course on Telecom Reform. Photo by: olduvai

LIRNEasia To Facilitate Sharing Of Mobile Research Insights

As reported elsewhere , Harsha de Silva and I had a productive time at the Mobile Preconference organized by Rich Ling ( ) and others. One of the outcomes was that LIRNEasia has undertaken to organize this event for the next two years, in conjunction with the ICA conferences scheduled for Chicago, May 21-25, 2009 […]

What Good Is Broadband

The central question of whether ICTs do any good, is discussed in relation to always-on broadband connections in the OECD. The question is, of course, of even greater importance in developing countries. The OECD released its latest report on May 19th. It surveys the broadband landscape to December 2007, and tells a warm tale. The […]

Reflections On Research To Practice

Researc h to practice is the central preoccupation of LIRNEasia. We differ from conventional researchers in our fixation on how to convey our research to policymakers, regulators, senior managers of operators and to the symbolic universe they live in. We choose our research questions and methods with this end in mind and we conduct our […]

Colloquium: Harsha de Silva’s presentation for the Agriculture Workshop

The main theme of the presentation was that traceability increases the value of the produce. This makes the product more marketable. Farmers dealing with the EU market have to deal with increasingly more stringent levels but this has also allowed those engaged in the traceability process to use it as a tool to market their […]

Colloquium: Harsha Liyanage talks on telecentre sustainability

Please find the concept note added : sustainability-first-concept-note-for-research-version-1.pdf  Please note that this Colloquium is being Skypecast at The Colloquium started out with basic introductions of Dr. Harsha Liyanage and the LIRNEasia crew. He then went on to explain that he was interested in Telecenters and the Sarvodaya Fusion movement. He went on to tackle […]

Colloquium: Agriculture workshop on traceability and Transaction costs

The Colloquium started off with Helani Galpaya giving a brief over view of the agriculture project. Harsha de Silva then went on to give a brief overview of the agriculture market as it is… today. The relevant market is limited to 2.3 million farmers. But even this is not the entire focud group as they […]

Colloquium: Presentations for Agriculture Workshop on Skype

transaction-costs.pdf traceabilityv3.pdf Please note that a Colloquium will be held on Tuesday the 5th of February to review the presentations that will be delivered at the Agriculture Workshop from the 21st – 23rd of Feb The Colloquium will be conducted by Shamistra Soysa, Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara and Harsha de Silva. The Colloquium will be blogged in […]

Colloquium titled, ‘Communication and Technology: What’s New?’

lirneasia_colloquium_jan_08.ppt A Colloquium will be conducted by Robin Mansell on the 19th of January 2008 at the LIRNEasia office in Colombo. Robin Mansell, Ph.D., joined the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) in 2001 where she is Professor in the Department of Media and Communications. She is Honorary Professor at the LINK Centre, […]

Colloquium: Reporting KPIs for LIRNEasia

The Colloquium that was a follow-on from the discussion held in Kandalama regarding KPIs was conducted by Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara and Shamistra Soysa. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are those that help in measuring the success of the day to day activities of an organization. This means that the KPIs would lead to KRIs. First the mission […]

Colloquium- Sharing knowledge on disaster warning : community based last- mile warning system- Workshop in Dhaka

The colloquium which was conducted by Ms Natasha Udu-gama and Nuwan Waidyanatha was focused on the material to be presented at the Disaster management workshop to be held in Dhaka. The Colloquium started off with review of the sessions and programme of the workshop. Sujatha Gamage stated that the term ‘Last- Mile’ should be used […]

Colloquium on forecasting mobile teledensity

This colloquium was conducted by Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara on a forecasting methodology for mobile penetration for years up to 2012 for Sri Lanka and Pakistan that is being developed. This method employs a simple mathematical process with less computational consumption. The analysis was performed using historical teledensity figures together with T@BOP data and demographic data for […]


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