LIRNEasia is a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank active across the Asia Pacific

SARH Systematic Review Programme for South Asia : Call for competitive systematic reviews and evidence summaries. For more details see announcement.


As a part of LIRNEasia ‘s program on Indicators, 2008 – 10 and Measuring ICT Sector & Regulatory Performance, 2006 – 07, we present Broadband, International Voice, International Roaming and Mobile Price Benchmarks along with Broadband Quality of Service Experience (QoSE) Benchmarks for the Asia-Pacific region.

Note: Recent reports (2010 and beyond) can be found here.

Mobile Price Benchmarks

– South Asia

Southeast Asia

Broadband Price and Quality of Service Experience(QoSE) Benchmarks

* – Please note Broadband QoSE benchmarking is done only at one year intervals from October 2009.

International Voice Price Benchmarks

International Roaming Benchmarks



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