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Broadband Benchmarking QoSE 2.0

The increased rate of expansion in broadband connectivity raises issues about Quality of Service Experience (QoSE). Advertised broadband bandwidth figures by telecom operators rarely match the actual values. This gap is seen even in some OECD countries – A recent study in UK found the users experience only about half of the advertised speeds – but in Asia, especially in the developing regions, it is certainly wider.

LIRNEasia, designed the ‘AshokaTissa’ Broadband QoSE benchmarking methodology in collaboration with a team headed by Professor Timothy Gonsalves of IIT Madras in order to test the Broadband QoSE.  The methodology was first used in December 2007, to benchmark the actual broadband speeds in Sri Lanka, India and Singapore. The results displayed that actual speeds were below the advertised speeds.

The logical Phase 2 of the project would be automating the test process. LIRNEasia intends to achieve this by developing a software application that would rest in a large number of user machines conducting similar tests, done manually in Phase 1.  Consumers will then be able to test the quality of their connections.

The following table summarises the metrics measured by the software:

Download AT-Tester, a tool for fixed broadband testing

Broadband QoSE test results:

Broadband QoSE – Quarter 3, 2009 (in Chennai, Colombo Dhaka and New Delhi – benchmarked with Buffalo, Denver and Ottawa)

Broadband QoSE – Quarter 1, 2009 (in Chennai, Colombo Dhaka and New Delhi)

Broadband QoSE and Price – Quarter 3, 2008 (in Chennai, Colombo and Dhaka)

Broadband QoSE and Price – Quarter 1, 2008 ((in Chennai and Colombo)

Rapid Response based on QoSE research by LIRNEasia:

LIRNEasia’s Rapid Response to Bangladesh Regulator – 2008

LIRNEasia’s and Tenet’s joint Rapid Response to India Regulator – 2009

LIRNEasia’s Rapid Response to Bangladesh Regulator – 2009


Broadband QoSE testing: Why AT-Tester? Why not Speedtest? (Paper by Timothy Gonsalves comparing AT-Tester with and other test tools)

Using Volunteer Computing for monitoring Broadband QoSE (Paper Presented by Nilusha Kapugama at the workshop ‘Beyond Broadband Access’ in Washington DC Sept 22-24)

Dissemination events:

LIRNEasia releases ‘AshokaTissa’ methodology and preliminary results of broadband QoSE testing

Know your broadband – LIRNEasia/Sarvodaya workshop (For bloggers and telecenter operators)

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