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NRA Website Survey: Asia-Pacific 2008

A National Regulatory Authority (NRA) in telecommunication, like any other government organization, uses its website not only to deliver citizen services but also to improve its transparency and effectiveness in its regulatory functions. This study benchmarks the way in which NRA’s use their websites to improve their overarching objectives pertaining to regulatory affairs. The Survey hopes to evaluate how well NRA’s achieve this objective in regard to telecom operators, investors, consumers, researchers and the general public. The results of the survey will be a useful tool for regulators to improve their websites.

Each website is awarded marks for the availability of information and features that are useful to the regulator’s stakeholders. A total of 31 websites are evaluated from a region of 62 economies. The results are presented individually as well as under different country clusters. The objective of the survey is to provide a benchmark methodology that can be used to assess NRA websites across a region. It does not attempt to create positive or negative images of the respective NRA websites but rather reports the quality of the website in comparison with its regional partners. LIRNEasia hopes this will be a tool to encourage NRA’s to improve their websites so as to serve their stakeholders better.

The research was undertaken by Lara Alawattegama.

The report, ‘Benchmarking Asia Pacific National Telecom Regulatory Websites, June 2008 ‘ can be downloaded here Version 4

The findings of this research were  presented at the following event:

Benchmarking Asian Regulatory Websites: methodology and 2008 results’, Expert Forum on ICT Sector Indicators and Benchmark Regulation for SAARC Regulatory Authorities, June 14-15, 2008, Changi Village Hotel, Singapore.

Presentation slides are available HERE.

[NB: Minor discrepancies in figures between the paper and presentation are because the presentation was based on an early iteration. The purpose was presenting results at draft stage was to obtain the feedback of South Asian regulators. The study methodology has been modified based on this feedback. Please treat the paper (version No. 4) as the most updated version.]


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