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Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability (MNP) refers to a system which allows users to switch mobile phone carriers without a change in their current number. Without the ability to change suppliers without disrupting social and economic relationships (a necessary consequence of having to give up one’s number/address every time the service supplier is changed) competition cannot work well.

Pakistan has taken the lead in implementing MNP and India is considering its adoption. MNP has costs and the debates are still ongoing about the minimum threshold market size for MNP and about who has to bear the costs.

In this research the minimum size of a market that can support MNP will be assessed. The question of how to assign the costs of the MNP transition as well as the preconditions for successful implementation will be determined.

This research was conducted by Tahani Iqbal in 2009/10


Iqbal, T. (2010), Mobile Number Portability in South Asia

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