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Agricultural applications

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture focuses on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through information and communication processes. During the 2006-08 research cycle, LIRNEasia completed two innovative sub-projects on ICT applications in agriculture in Sri Lanka.

LIRNEasia hopes to extend this research to India, in order to understand the use of Mobile 2.0 in facilitating information flows (market prices as well as other information) to and from the farmer community. Information flows is an important precursor for improved market orientation for farmers.  Enabling farmers to enage in agricultural markets will require the confluence of a variety of stakeholders and institutions that in turn provide information/communication, supply-chain logistics, crop loans and insurance.

Hence LIRNEasia will undertake research to articulate the lessons from one such practical application in India namely an operational pilot in Kadi in the state of Gujarat in India, where farmers are able to avail of commodity backed financing.  In particular this case study seeks to understand the extent to which systems and processes are important in linking farmers to markets, and specifically understand the kind of actors required to make such such an activity sustainable. This rationale is borne from cognizance of the fact that livelihood impacts are dependent on the external structures and processes (external actors, laws and access to credit and insurance, etc.) that are required to more effectively impact farmer livelihoods. In addition this study will  seek to shed light on the challenges for the adoption of such services by those from the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP).

This research was conducted by Sriganesh Lokanthan and Dr. Harsha de Silva in 2010.


Lokanathan,  S. and de Silva, H. (2010), Leveraging Mobile 2.0 in India for Agricultural Market Access

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Presentation at LIRNEasia-PTA Expert Forum, April 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan

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