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Mobiles for disaster warning

This research explores the use of mobile communications for disaster warnings in a public-warning model: In the larger picture of disaster risk reduction, public warning is an essential component. The original NEWS:SL report identified cell broadcasting as a key technology of early public warning, especially if high mobile penetration existed. This was because cell broadcasting is not subject to congestion, which affects all communication media except broadcasting. LIRNEasia, in cooperation with relevant authorities, intends to conduct a scoping study to introduce cell broadcasting to the Maldives. The proposed research will include a component on protocols for communication between the warning authority in government and mobile operators and an assessment of the other day-to-day applications of cell broadcasting.

This research was conducted by Natasha Udu-gama in 2009.


Udu‐gama, N. (2010),  Mobile Cell Broadcasting for Commercial Use and Public Warning in the Maldives

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