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mPayments: a bus-pass solution

The  Private Bus Operators Association of Sri Lanka has come forward with an initial proposal to introduce a possible a service for sale and purchase of bus tickets via mobile phones and/or customized electronic cards.  These e-reload passes are readable by the existing GPRS-enabled ticket machines. The current plan is that passes will be in the form of physical re-load cards or mobile phone enabled mechanisms.  If mobile phone -enabled, then a whole new window of opportunity emerges for transactions; this could become the most widely used, full mobile 2.0 (transaction-capable) application.

Given that public transport is a several-times-a- day need for the majority of the BOP in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the region, this study is undertaken to bring to the discussion table the multi-faceted issues that need to be considered prior to implementing the proposed service.  It is expected that such a discussion among the stakeholders would lead towards considered decisions that would help avoid the pitfalls and facilitate the success of the proposed Mobile2.0@BOP service.

This research was conducted by Dr. Harsha de Silva in 2010.


de Silva, H. (2010). The need for an efficient bus and train ticket sale‐and‐purchase system in Sri Lanka: Possibilities for a Mobile2.0 solution

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Presentation at LIRNEasia-PTA Expert Forum, April 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan

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