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Feasibility study to enable Freedom Fone with voice-based Emergency Data Exchange (FF4EDXL)

This project: FF4EDXL builds on the success of its predecessors: the Real-Time Biosurveillance Program (RTBP) and the HazInfo project; specifically on the emergency-related data exchange standards. Through them, LIRNEasia had acquired experience with Common Alerting Protocol for downstream messaging (or situational awareness). These projects also gave rise to the ‘CAP-enabled Alerting Broker’ of the Sahana software.

The Sahana Alerting Broker was proven to work well with text-based Email, SMS, RSS, and HTTP posts. In this research we will investigate the design requirements for enhancing the SABRO module to deliver voice-based CAP messages.

Research question – “What are the design strategies for facilitating an interoperable emergency data exchange platform for voice enabled alerting and situational reporting?”

The objective of FF4EDXL is to study  whether voice-based data would comply with globally accepted emergency data standards. Thereafter, device a strategy to integrate FF with Sahana. For this research, we have chosen the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Situational Reporting (SITREP) as emergency information exchange standards.

This action research will subjectively assess the information needs in aiding a community-based disaster management environment, namely the Lanka Jathika Sarovdaya Shramadan Sangamaya (Sarvodaya). Then map those needs to EDXL-CAP and EDXL-SITREP and try to implement in FF in order to provide voice-based alerting and situational reporting. The research will conduct usability, utility, and reliability tests with selected resource persons at Sarvodaya. The objective-based, decision facilitation, and controlled-test evaluation schemes will provide insight and recommendations for positioning Freedom Fone as a voice-based interface for exchanging standardized emergency information communication.

The specific objectives

  1. Study the risk information communication needs for disaster coordination between “Samana Thetha” (also known as the Sarvodaya Community Disaster Management Center -SCDMC) and the Sarvodaya District/Divisional Coordinators
  2. Map those requirements to EDXL-CAP and EDXL-SITREP as well as Freedom Fone
  3. Implement the Freedom Fone interactive voice response system that
    addresses the requirements for exchanging standardized messages
    between SCDMC and the District and Divisional Coordinators
  4. Assess the challenges and design changes required for Freedom Fone
    to comply with Sarvodaya needs, EDXL-CAP and EDXL-SITREP standards,and interfacing with Sahana for exchanging multilingual emergency information

The FF4EDXL project is made possible through a grant from The Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe.


[1]  Project proposal


[1] Final Project Report

[2] Evaluation Toolkit and Results

[3] Slides – research findings

Software Specifications

[1] Software Specifications: Sahana Agasti EDXL-CAP Alerting Broker (voice alerting only)

[2] Software Specifications: Sahana Eden EDXL-SITREP Reporting Module

[3] Business study of Sarvodaya’s situational reporting information needs.

Operational Guides

[1] Community Emergency Response Team Guide to Freedom Fone Alerting and Reporting

[2] HIH Operator Guide to transfering Freedom Fone Field Observation messages to Sahana-Eden SITREP module

[3] HIH Operator Guide to issuing CAP messages with Sahana-Agasti Alerting Broker and posting voice-alerts in Freedom Fone

Training aids

[1] HIH Training & Certification Guide (working document)


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