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As a part of LIRNEasia‘s program on Indicators 2010-2012, we present Broadband, International Voice, International Roaming and Broadband Quality of Service Experience (QoSE) Benchmarks for the countries we work in within the South Asian and Southeast Asian regions.

Please note that as the International Telecommunications Unions (ITU) started reporting on mobile prices as ‘baskets’, the methodology LIRNEasia adopted, the reporting on Mobile Price Benchmarks will be discontinued.

All past reports can be referred here. For reports in 2010 and more recent please follow the links below.

Fixed Broadband Quality of Service Experience(QoSE) (Annually in March)

Note: LIRNEasia designed the methodology in collaboration with a team headed by Professor Timothy Gonsalves of IIT Madras in order to test the Broadband QoSE.  The methodology was first used in December 2007, to benchmark the actual broadband speeds in Sri Lanka, India and Singapore.

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Broadband Price Benchmarks (Annually in October)

International Voice Price Benchmarks (Annually in March)

International Roaming Benchmarks (Annually in March)


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